Biodiversity politics in Belgian parliaments
Productive discussions held towards a landmark new UN biodiversity framework
China to Host a Two-Part Summit on Nature
Biodiversity Politics in Belgian and EU Parliaments
Our latest Newsflash is out! Items are: 1. IPBES-IPCC WS Report 2. Political Monitoring 3. Opening of the first Blue Leaders Breakfast Club 4. SBSTTA-24 Summary Report 5. OEWG-3 6. GEF Approves Over 237M€ for Biodiversity, Climate, Chemicals, and Water Please find the online version here. Enjoy the…
Webinar 4 will explore ‘WTO initiatives on environment & sustainable development: windows of opportunity for biodiversity’ and will provide an update on the state of play on environment-related discussions at the WTO, including new initiatives on environment and sustainable development. It focuses on exploring the opportunities these discussions and initiatives can offer in the intersection of trade, SDGs and the global biodiversity agenda.
Announcement of the event
The IUCN European Regional Office cordially invites you to the 5th appointment of the Nature O’Clock webinar series!

The Botanical Garden Meise organises a day activity with a scientific and a family part, in other words partners and children (young and old) are also welcome.

For the scientific part, a number of lectures about the thematic of coffee are planned. Strong coffee! is also the theme of the

Informal webinar organized by the CBD Secretariat
Join the virtual segment to provide science-based input for nature ahead of COP15.