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Political Monitoring - 31 of March 2023 La Chambre / De Kamer 1. 14/03/2023 | Commission de l'Environnement et du Climat | Page 8 Questions jointes Greet Daems et Daniel Senesael à Zakia Khattabi sur "L…
28 March 2023
Scientists have been trying to explore the oceans in depth for centuries. But it is not that easy. After all, studying the vastness/dimensions of the ocean requires time, sophisticated equipment and a lot of…
06 April 2023
In a world where all societal and scientific challenges are intertwined, it is urgent to launch multidisciplinary initiatives and projects so that scientists from different domains can collaborate. In order to…
Ressources naturelles et résistances
27 April 2023
Quels défis se posent dans la ruée sur les ressources naturelles? Comment se présentent les conflits d’intérêts entre différents acteurs? Et quelles formes de résistances émergent suite à ces conflits? Ce cycle…
28 March 2023
The UHasselt international office and VZW Students for Energy in Africa (S.E.A.) invite you to their seminar evening 'North-South | together for a sustainable world' on Tuesday 28 March 2023 at 7 PM at Campus…



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"There is an intrinsic link between biodiversity in the ocean and biodiversity on land. Both depend on eachother and the post-2020 framework has to reflect this

         Sophie Mirgaux, Belgium's Special Envoy for the OceanSM







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