Interviews of experts

The interviews were conducted to give an overview of the Belgian delegation's experts over the past few years. They are all working hand in hand with their respective expertise for the Convention on Biological Diversity. In these interviews, they share their daily challenges, opportunities,  their relationship with the national focal point, etc. 



  Els Martens


        Egbert Jacquemyn





Els Martens

Former Coordination Policy Officer
at Flemish Government


Egbert Jacquemyn

Project Officer Nagoya
at Flemish Region 


Jolien Venneman

Former National Focal Point on
Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) 










Marie-Lucie Susini

Former Belgian NationalFocal Point
for the 'Global Taxonomy Initiative"(GTI)


Marc Peeters

Coordinator Education and Public Awareness
at the Belgian National Focal Point to the CBD


Salima Kempenaer

National Focal Point on Access and Benefit
Sharing (ABS), and Resource Mobilization








Caroline Nieberding

Biologist, researcher and Professor  
at the Earth and Life Institute at UCLouvain


Sophie Mirgaux

Belgium's Special Envoy for the Ocean


Han De Koeijer

Coordinator Belgian Clearing House Mechanisme

  Catherine Debruyne


  fanny coppens


  kelly hertenweg



Catherine Debruyne

International biodiversity expert at Service public de Wallonie



Fanny Coppens

Scientist at Sciensano 


Kelly Hertenweg

Senior International Environmental Relations Officer

  Lino paoletti


  arnaud goessens





Lino Paoletti

Former UN Youth Delegate Biodiversity


Arnaud Goessens

Associate Director for EU Policy at the Wildlife Conservation Society


Laurence Drèze 

Biodiversity Policy Officer at WWF Belgium