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The political monitoring by the Belgian National Focal Point to the Convention on Biological Diversity is carried out on a periodic basis, with the goal of informing about political processes related to biodiversity in Belgium and the EU: the Chamber, the Senate, the Walloon Parliament, the…
Political Monitoring - 26 January 2024 La Chambre / De Kamer 1.23/01/2024 | Commission de l'Environnement et du Climat | Commissie voor Leefmilieu and Klimaat | Page 1 Question de Mr. Senesael à Mme Khattabi sur "L'autorisation de l'utilisation du glyphosate" Vraag van Mr. Senesael Mw. Khattabi over…
On March 25 and 26, 2024, the entire biodiversity informatics community of the Benelux will come to Naturalis Biodiversity Center, in Leiden. This year's theme is connecting research and policy, through effective use of biodiversity data.

In the context of a 2017 VLIR UOS project granted to the Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo," the project’s focus was on promoting collaborative and community-centred research within the rural areas of the Bolivian Andes. This involved adopting a holistic and participatory approach to

Political Monitoring - 30 November 2023 La Chambre / De Kamer 1.16/11/2023 | Séance Plénière | Plenumvergadering | Page 8 Question de Mme Laveleye à Mr Clarinval sur "Les pesticides contenant des PFAS" Vraag van Mv. Laveleye aan M. Clarinval over "PFAS in gewasbeschermingsmiddelen" Parlement de…
You are cordially invited to the seminar Implementing green budgeting in Belgium: what does it mean? This seminar will take place in person, in Brussels, in the Panorama room of the KBR Belgium’s National Library on Thursday 21 December, from 09:30 to 14:00.
The aim of the event is to foster a comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by microplastics in our marine ecosystems.
The conference aims at bringing together relevant actors in the field of conservation research and policy
Political Monitoring - 30 October 2023 La Chambre / De Kamer 1.03/10/2023 | Commissie voor Energie, Leefmilieu en Klimaat | Page 1 Samengevoegde vragen van Kurt Ravyts, Daniel Senesael en Greet Daems aan Vincent Van Quickenborne over "diepzeemijnbouw" Question jointes de Kurt Ravyts, Daniel Senesael…
Political Monitoring - 28 September 2023 La Chambre / De Kamer 1.19/07/2023 | Commissie voor Energie, Leefmilieu en Klimaat | Page 7 Vraag van Kurt Ravyts aan Zakia Khattabi over " het voorstel van Europese Commissie om de vergunning van glyfosaat met 10 jaar te verlengen " Question de Kurt Ravyts à…