Rehabilitation of the Internet connection of the " Direction Nationale de la Biodiversité et Aires Protégées" and transfer of the web site CHM/Guinee to a new site created with the PTK

Global objectif :

Contribute to the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity by creating and updating a new CHM site for Guinea.

The CHM, a tool to exchange and share information on the biodiversity of a Party to the Convention, aims to improve the knowledge and the sustainable management of world-wide biodiversity.

Specific objectives :

  • Transfer the data and the information of the actual CHM site of Guinea,, in two (2) mnoths, to the new site site created with the PTK (Portal Tool Kit)
  • Rehabilitate the Internet connection of the "Direction Nationale  de la Biodiversité et des Aires Protégées".

The manager of the site will proceed with the transfer of the information of the old site, to update this information and add new content. During this work new collaborators and editors will be trained who's taks will be to animate and to make it a working CHM.