National CHM training in Burundi (2009)

Burundi has had an active CHM national focal point since 2001. After using a classic html site for some years Burundi started using the EC CHM Portal Tool Kit in 2006 after the national focal point received a training in Douala and Belgium. Apart from the national focal point some other persons involved in the implementation of the Convention have received training on how to add information to the site. They received their first training partly during a Regional training organised in 2005 on a classic html site.

With the growing demand for the exchange of information on biodiversity by the actors in the country, the National Focal Point of Burundi, Mr Benoit Nzigidahera, organised in collaboration with the Belgian Focal Point a national training. The training was organised from 2 till 6 November 2009. The purpose of the training was to:

  • Build capacity in-country for adding information to the site
  • Get partners involved in the reporting/publishing of information to the site

In total 10 people participated in the training. Some of the trainees that had been trained in the using the classic html site expressed their view that the new site was much more user-friendly. For more information on the training please visit the training site