Webmaster training in Belgium

The CHM Focal Point of the partner country designates a representative who will follow a three to four week training course in Belgium (at the Belgian CHM Focal Point, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels).

The training programme is adapted to the competences of the trainees and may vary from one course to another.

Since 2006, the trainees use the 'EC CHM  Portal Toolkit' (PTK) as web management tool to develop their national  websites.

The PTK has been developed by the EC CHM (the European Environment Agency) and is widely used by European countries. It has been designed in a way that no programming knowledge is necessary to establish and develop the website. The basic frame of the website is already existing, and the main task is to develop the contents.

This toolkit has many advantages:

  • it is open source and is available free of charge
  • support is provided via a helpdesk established by the European Environment Agency
  • it enables a more professional approach in the elaboration of the websites
  • it enables several persons to collaborate to the content of the website, independently from where the website is hosted (remote web access is possible)
Objectifs d'Aichi
19. Knowledge improved, shared and applied