Biological Diversity-the support base of agriculture in Ghana

Overall aim and Objectives:

2.1 Project Aim

The overall aim of the proposed project is to enhance the conservation of the biological resources through non-formal environmental education.

2.2 Project Objectives

  1. To create awareness of the need to conserve biological diversity within the Lake Bosumtwe basin.
  2. To ensure increased understanding and appreciation of the ecological values of the biological resources in the Lake Bosumtwe basin by the lake fringe communities.
  3. To accomplish effective implementation of the Public Education component of the National Biodiversity Strategy.
  4. To ascertain traditional biodiversity conservation systems with positive impacts in the lake basin.

    To ensure the inculcation of environmental conservation concerns in the pupils of twenty (20) basic schools within the Lake Bosumtwe area.

    The results of the project are available on the site of the CHM of Ghana