Participatory and action-based confluences in water and gender research within the Valle Alto in Bolivia


In the context of a 2017 VLIR UOS project granted to the Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo," the project’s focus was on promoting collaborative and community-centred research within the rural areas of the Bolivian Andes. This involved adopting a holistic and participatory approach to effectively tackle challenges.

This presentation delves into two intersecting research experiences: one centred on groundwater (engineering) and the other on gender (law). The objective is to unravel the intricate connections within these vital subjects.

By employing a participatory and action-oriented research methodology, significant challenges have been identified and valuable lessons have been learned. Emphasising the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives, this approach has enriched their research, addressing both technical and social aspects of the issues at hand.

The community talk will be held online from 14-15  PM the 24 of January 2024

Objectifs d'Aichi
14.1. Ecosystems that provide essential services, including services related to water, and contribute to health, livelihoods and well-being, are restored and safeguarded
24 January 2024