Partnering role for the CHM

In 1997, the International Expert Meeting on 'Building the Clearing-House' recommended to

"Establish CHM Partnering for non-webconnected National Focal Points (NFPs) by those NFPs who have access to the Internet and additional space on their server for this kind of bilateral collaboration. This also would help to create CHM-identity among the Parties."

In this context, Belgium - through its Partnering role for the CHM - helps countries to improve their access to information and furnishes means to relay these efficiently at national level, among others through the Internet. It also contributes to the exchange of scientific and technical expertise.

In practice, the Belgian CHM Focal Point

  • offers training courses in the development and maintenance of websites
  • hosts CHM websites on its web server
  • helps to stimulate networking and the exchange of experiences through the organisation of workshops
  • organises non electronic activities in the field of communication, education and public awareness.

For example, the Belgian server hosts the CHM website of the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1998, on request by their CHM Focal Point. Other countries have followed and the Belgian CHM is now hosting the websites of about 20 African countries and of one regional organisation. Chad asked in 1999 whether the Belgian CHM could train a person to become webmster for their CHM website. As other countries were also interested in the training, Belgium broadened its partnership role to organise several different types of webmaster training courses.