Développement d’une Stratégie et d’un plan d’action nationaux du centre d’échange d’information sur la biodiversité (CHM), Morocco

Project on the development of a national strategy and action plan for the Moroccan CHM

In accordance with Decision IV/30 the Moroccan focal point for the CHM proposed to develop a national strategy for the CHM.

This would be done through:

  • An analysis of the current CHM site and network.
  • To diagnose the conditions and the step to develop to enable a follow-up of the contents of the CHM.
  • To propose a strategy for the management of the CHM site contents.

The result of the project is available on the following URL: http://ma.chm-cbd.net/implementation/doc_product_cdb_ma/Strategie_et_paln_action_CHM_Maroc.pdf