Clearing-House Mechanism

The Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) provides the information exchange platform of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Created in accordance with Article 18(3), it has evolved into a global network of websites with the CBD website ( as its central node, and national Clearing-House Mechanisms as national nodes of the network. The mission of the clearing-house mechanism for the period 2011-2020, as adopted by decision X/15, is "to contribute significantly to the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, through effective information services and other appropriate means in order to promote and facilitate scientific and technical cooperation, knowledge sharing, and information exchange, and to establish a fully operational network of Parties and partners". Further details on the clearing-house mechanism are available in the "Proposed work programme for the clearing-house mechanism in support for the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020" (document UNEP/CBD/COP/11/31)

Belgium is active in the CHM network and cooperates with other countries to assist them to develop their national CHMs. More information on these activities can be found here.