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26th of January 2023 - The after COP15- What are the outcomes of COP15? After two weeks of negotiation and years of preparatory work, 196 nations adopted a package, the Kunming – Montreal Global Biodiversity…
16 February 2023
Les enjeux de transition écologique et du développement durable (DD) sont, plus que jamais, au cœur des discussions sur l’élaboration de plans stratégiques au sein des établissements d’enseignement supérieur en…
31 January 2023
with the European Union and the Kingdom of Belgium, we will explore and learn more about the exciting potential of Behavioral Science in transforming our agrifood systems
Biodiversity Spring Market 2023
22 March 2023
The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is happy to invite you to the 8th edition of the Biodiversity Market (formally known as the BEES Market). The 2023 theme is: Discover the Belgian Biodiversity Monitoring…
08 February 2023
Quelle est la situation de la biodiversité, quels sont les enjeux et les résultats de la COP-15, quel est le rôle des Nations Unies, des autorités belges et de la société civile dans leur mise en œuvre ? Pour…



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"There is an intrinsic link between biodiversity in the ocean and biodiversity on land. Both depend on eachother and the post-2020 framework has to reflect this

         Sophie Mirgaux, Belgium's Special Envoy for the OceanSM







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