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arnaud goessens
Three questions to Arnaud Goessens, Associate Director for EU Policy at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) 1. What are the main challenges and opportunities in your daily work? The biggest challenge is…
Three questions to Lino Paoletti, UN Youth Delegate Biodiversity 1. What does being a UN youth delegate on biodiversity entails ? Being a UNYD on biodiversity forced me to dive into the world of other living…
Three questions to Kelly Hertenweg, FPS Public Health 1. Could you describe your role & work with regard to the preparation of COP15 within the BE delegation? I am involved in different manners; As the lead…
Three questions to Fanny Coppens, Scientist at Sciensano 1. What is biosafety? Under the CBD it is the safe handling and use of "living modified organisms" (LMOs), with a focus on the conservation of biological…
Catherine picture
Three questions to Catherine Debruyne, Service Public de Wallonie (SPW) 1.What is the Global Biodiversity Framework post-2020? The framework must aim to halt biodiversity loss by 2030 and achieve recovery by…



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"There is an intrinsic link between biodiversity in the ocean and biodiversity on land. Both depend on eachother and the post-2020 framework has to reflect this

         Sophie Mirgaux, Belgium's Special Envoy for the OceanSM







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