Projet de renforcement du CHM-Burundi : Amélioration de la Connexion

The CHM of Burundi was not often updated the years before due to lack of Internet connection since the GEF enabling funds, that had paid for an internet connection, had run out. The purpose of the project was to enable an Internet connection for at least 2 years for the national focal point (nfp) for the CHM and the BCH. The project invested money in the installation of a wireless internet connection and a local server. Cost of this internet connections were shared between the two focal points.

In Burundi partners in the CHM network had received training in the use of the CHM during a national and a regional training. As not all partners had access to the internet they would use the internet connection in the offices of the nfp for the CHM to make their contribution to the CHM site.

Thanks to the project the nfp for the CHM and the inter-institutional focal points were able to update the site on a regular basis.