Opérationnalisation du nouveau site web CHM / CDB Madagascar

The project was aiming to:

  1. Transfer the information available at the old site to the new site.
  2. Put in place a working group with thematique focal points that will concentrate on:
    • Stimulating the thematic working groups
    • Deciding on the type of information to be added to the site as well as to approve the added information.
    • Promoting the exchange of information
    • Updating relevant sections of the site with information that reflects the themes of the Convention.
  3. Have the new site be officially recognised by the relevant policy makers and promote it through the media.

The project results were quite impressive as not only the original information was transferred but also the Environmental action plan and all of it's data was added to the site. The number of visitors to the new site almost dubbled after  the update of most pages !