What does it refer to?

The expression refers to the need to increase interactions and synergies between people involved with biodiversity issues. These persons are essentially technical experts and scientists, but they can also be field managers, policy makers, etc. Some examples of cooperation: undertaking a joint research project; solving environmental problems accross borders; pooling forces to solve conflits linked to the use of natural resources.

The Clearing-House Mechanism

The main tool for cooperation under the CBD is called the 'Clearing-House Mechanism' (CHM). This somewhat difficult term refers to a international process dealing with three issues: the exchange of information, how to increase technical and scientific cooperation and how to develop efficient networks of experts.

This section serves as an entrance point to Belgium's activities in the field cooperation for biodiversity. For the moment, it focuses on research cooperation at national level, as well as North-South cooperation under the framework of the Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM cooperation) and the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI cooperation).