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The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an international agreement established by the United Nations. Its aim is to preserve biological diversity around the world. Belgium became a CBD member during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, in 1992.

The CBD has three main objectives: to conserve biodiversity, to enhance its sustainable use and to ensure an equitable sharing of benefits linked to the exploitation of genetic resources.

The Convention puts much emphasis on the exchange of information and the cooperation between countries. To help these processes, the CBD has set up an international network of partners called the Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM). This website contributes to the CHM network by illustrating what Belgium is doing in the framework of the CBD.

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Save the Date: They’re Not Alright, They’re Finite! The Red List status of Europe’s understudied species

IUCN and Bruxelles Environnement invite you to an interactive event on Friday 27th September 2019 in Brussels to present the results of the LIFE European Red Lists project: ‘Establishing a European Red List of Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Saproxylic Beetles, Terrestrial Molluscs and Vascular Plants'

27/09/2019 Dead or Alive: Towards a Sustainable Wildlife trade - One World One Health recommendations

The objective of the conference is to induce an interdisciplinary discussion on sustainable wildlife trade through two specific experiences Belgium has recently gained in the field of bushmeat trade (day one) and trade in reptiles and amphibians (day two). It will allow for discussion on the risks posed by such trades at the interface of Human Health, Animal Health, and Environmental Health. As a result, key recommendations will be debated for further action in Belgium and in the European Union. Based on the outcome of the conference, a brief will be made available. 


03/12/2019 Making an IMPACT: Putting protected areas at the heart of EU policies for the sustainable development of regions and cities.

Organised by EUROPARC Federation and counting with the participation of the project partners, the final Conference of the project IMPACT Interreg Europe will be celebrated within the workshop programme of the European Week of Regions and Cities.

08/10/2019 How human activities cause biodiversity loss : Interactions and relative contributions of human activities; What do we know, what do we need to know ?

Relevance: This conference stems from the observation that the interactions between, and the relative contributions, of different types of human activities have unclear contributions on current and future biodiversity loss unclear for most researchers. This is largely due to the fact that very few publications compare the effects of these different activities in the same model, and since all these activities have been growing exponentially since 1850, they all correlate well with the quantifications of biodiversity loss.

24/10/2019 Belgian One Health Network - Launching Event (Save the Date)

One Health aims to integrate a variety of expertise, including fields concerned with human and animal health, environment, nature, biodiversity, social and economic sciences, and anthropology.

One Health is gaining increased attention, recognition, conceptualizations and challenges, both in the realm of science, policy and society. The aim of the One Health Belgium network is to support collaboration, capacity building and communication among Belgian actors

05/11/2019 Lectures on atmosphere, ocean and climate in the 21st century

The Royal Academy for Sciences of Belgium organize evening lectures on ‘Atmosphere, ocean and climate in the 21st century’ on 2 and 9 October 2019. These conferences will take place in the Palais provincial de Namur and will be held in French.

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