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Folder Biodiversity in Belgium

Because of the diversity of habitats and variety of land uses our country harbours a richer biodiversity than one would expect.

In 2003 the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences edited an inventory of the Belgian biodiversity. As a result we now have a record of some 26,300 animal, plant, fungi and micro-organism species for the country. A comparison with the fauna and flora of our neighbouring countries indicates that we may expect an additional 16,000 to 19,000 species that have to date not been observed here, to be present in Belgium. A list of the Belgian species is available on

Comparisons of old and more recent observations shows that no less than one third to half of the plant and animal species in Belgium are threatened. Enemy number one is the disappearance and fragmentation of habitats. In second comes pollution, with eutrophication as most significant pressure. Other drivers of biodiversity loss are overexploitation of natural resources, increasing pressure of tourism and recreation, climate change and the impact of invasive alien species.

You can find more information on biodiversity in the brochure “Biodiversity in Belgium: an overview”, the brochure “Biodiversiteit in België: van vitaal belang / La biodiversité en Belgique : une question vitale”, and on the web site of the Belgian Clearing House Mechanism.

If you feel like doing something to support biodiversity, have a look at / You can find actions to support bees on /