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Folder Implementation

The National Focal Point Biodiversity stimulates the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Belgium. We do that in several ways.

We coordinate the development and follow-up of the Belgian national biodiversity strategy, a document that contains strategic goals for the biodiversity-related policy in and by our country. We are involved in the follow-up of the implementation of this strategy, amongst others by the coordination of the mandatory reporting on biodiversity. This information is further used for the assessment of the status and evolution of biodiversity globally, e.g., by means of the Global Biodiversity Outlook.

We chair the biodiversity steering group, in which representatives of federal and regional administrations as well as experts on specific issues participate. This body prepares international meetings and Belgian positions on subjects treated in these meetings. We further contribute to the development of European positions organ through participation in the Working Party on International Environmental Issues - biodiversity (WPIEI).

In parallel to this we chair and steer the work of the national working group on bees and other pollinators, which prepares solutions and measures to protect these crucial but threatened elements of biodiversity.

We furthermore analyse the decisions of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention and present the results and their potential consequences to the competent authorities to promote a policy that benefits biodiversity.