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News Belgium is involved in four out of nine European Projects funded by BiodivERsA

BiodivERsA launched in November 2011 its third joint call on “Biodiversity dynamics: developing scenarios, identifying tipping points and improving resilience of ecosystems.”This call addressed a topic at the forefront of the biodiversity field, and was organised around the three following themes:

  • Developing integrated biodiversity scenarios
  • Understanding and predicting biodiversity resilience and tipping points
  • Decision support for biodiversity policy and management

Nine projects will be funded for 8.5 M Euros. Belgium is involved in four of them: 

CoForTips: Congo basin forests: tipping points for biodiversity conservation and resilience of forested social and ecological systems Participating countries: FR (coordinator), AT, BE.

REGARDS: Resilience of marginal grasslands and biodiversity management decision support.Participating countries: FR (coordinator), AT, BE, DE, NO.

SIGNAL: European gradients of resilience in the face of climate extremes.Participating countries: DE (coordinator), BE, BG, FR.

TIPPINGPOND: Tipping points, biodiversity, resilience and ecosystem services: Ponds as model systems. Participating countries: BE (coordinator), DE, FR, SE.

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Release date 10/07/2012

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