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Folder The United Kingdom

Links to interesting sites with informations on the biodiversity of the United Kingdom

URL BUGS - Biodiversity in Urban Gardens in Sheffield
URL CURE - Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology [1 comment(s)]
URL Devon Biodiversity Action Plan - Cities, Towns and Villages
URL ECOREGEN - Reconnecting people with the land around them
URL Glasgow's Wildlife
URL London Biodiversity Partnership
URL London Wildlife Trust
URL Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group
URL Scotland's Biodiversity - A strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland
URL Scottish Wildlife Trust
URL Southampton City Web - Biodiversity
URL Suffolk Biodiversity Action Plan - Urban Habitats
URL Sustainable Cities Research Institute
URL UCL - Research in the Department of Geography
URL UK Man and the Biosphere Committee - Urban Forum
URL URGENT - Urban Regeneration and the Environment: Biodiversity
URL Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & Black Country
URL Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan - Urban Action Plan

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