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URL Urban Environment Project - Biodiversity

Release date 02/09/2008
Geographical coverage Ireland
Keywords Urban biodiversity

Urban biodiversity includes all living things (both plant and animal) that reside in the urban environment. The impacts of a variety of infrastructural developments on urban biodiversity will be explored through enhancing the MOLAND land-use model to include data pertaining to habitats and biodiversity indicators.

Objectives of this sub project include:

  • Acquiring distribution/density data for indicators of biodiversity
  • Identifying key habitat features that retain, enhance or reduce biodiversity
  • Developing and testing a biodiversity sub-model for the MOLAND model based on the findings
  • Make recommendations for the extent and design of green spaces compatible with different degrees of biodiversity

Link doesn't work at the moment.

At this moment the link does not work. We advise you to go to the homepage of this project and check if the link works
Posted by hdekoeijer at 06 May 2009 10:45:48
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