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Folder Flemish Region

Flanders' approach is to enhance the integration of environmental issues, including nature conservation and biodiversity, into other sectoral and cross-sectoral policies. The Flemish policy operates via five-year environmental policy plans, a yearly environmental programme, a two-yearly evaluation programme (Mira-BE), an annual thematic research report (Mira-T) and a scenario report (Mira-S).

The “Flemish Environmental Policy Plan 2011-2015 ”, abbreviated MINA-4, was adopted by the Flemish Government on 27 May 2011 and outlines the environmental policy that must be carried out by the Flemish Region, the provinces and the local authorities. The plan contains eight challenges which guide the environmental and energy policy in the long term, one of which is “Conserving biodiversity and ecosystem integrity”.

The information contained in the following folders comes from the 5th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (2014). It gives an overview of the main action plans linked to biodiversity in the Flemish Region.

Folder Environmental Policy Plan 2011-2015 (MINA 4 plan)
Folder Operational Plan of the Agency for Nature and Forests (2014)
URL Actualisation of the Third Environmental Policy Plan 2008-2010 (Mina-3) (in Dutch)
URL Third Environmental Policy Plan 2003-2007 (Mina-3) (in Dutch)
URL Environmental Programme 2004 (in Dutch)
URL Second Environmental Policy Plan 1997-2001 (Mina-2) (in Dutch)
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