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Folder Federal plan of sectoral integration of biodiversity (2009-2013)

The Federal Plan for the Sectoral Integration of Biodiversity – adopted on 27 November 2009 – was drawn up as a response to Action 18 “Protecting Biodiversity” of the second Federal Plan for Sustainable Development 2004-2008. The plan also is one of the Government contributions to the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity and to implementing Belgium’s national Biodiversity Strategy 2006-2016.

The plan focuses on four key sectors at the federal level : economy, development cooperation, science policy and transport. It is clear that the sectoral integration of biodiversity should not be restricted to a limited number of sectors. This plan is also a first step in this approach.

The plan includes four annexes containing descriptive sheets of actions aimed at the integration of biodiversity in the sectors in question. Each sheet includes a general introduction, a description of the actions considered, the names of the people responsible for the implementation and the expected turnaround time. Those annexes also put forward the link with the relevant objectives of Belgium’s National Biodiversity Strategy.

Besides, a transversal sheet applying to the different federal sectors has been identified (annex 5). Those actions target the inclusion of biodiversity in the Strategic Environment Assessments.

At the end of 2011, an internal mid-term evaluation will be handed out to the Council of Ministers, the Parliament and the Interministerial Conference on the Environment. It will allow identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation and, if necessary, influencing the strategy so as to rectify possible shortcomings.

A final evaluation will take place in 2013. It will focus on the global impact of biodiversity in terms of sectoral integration at the federal level and it will review the possible ‘implementation gaps’ encountered and the relevant answers that should be given to solve them.

You will find more information on the result of the public consultation concerning the plan and its approval on the portal site of the Federal Public Service, DG Environment.

PDF Federal plan of integration of biodiversity + annexes (FR) Download
PDF Federal plan of integration of biodiversity + annexes (NL) Download
URL Results of the public consultation and approval of the Plan
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