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Release date 11/04/2014


Marianne Schlesser, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, CBD National Focal Point (RBINS - CBD NFP), secretary of the Steering Committee "Biodiversity Convention" acting under the Coordinating Committee for International Environmental Policy.

The active participation of the following experts is acknowledged:

Mariam Agarad (RBINS - CBD NFP), Thierry Backeljau (RBINS), Peter Baert (PNC), Pascale Balhaut (RBINS - CBD NFP), Jacques Baveye (FPS Finance), Sabrina Bijlsma (VO LNE), Geoffroy Blondiaux (FPS Economy), Cindy Boonen (LV), Charles-Hubert Born (UCL), Johan Bosman (KWIA), Léon Bourdouxhe (DGARNE - DNF), Etienne Branquart (SPW), Thomas Ceulemans (HVV), Frédéric Chemay (FPS DG Env.), Laurent Christian (DGARNE), CITES Management Authority (FPS DG Env.), Claire Collin (FPS DG Env.), Han de Koeijer (RBINS), Alexandre de Lichtervelde (FPS DG Env.), Carl de Schepper (ANB), Annie De Wiest (MFWB), Catherine Debruyne (DGARNE - DPEnv), Lionel Delvaux (IEW), Philippe Desmeth (Belspo), Steven Dessein (NBGB - GSPC NFP), Ingrid D’Hondt (FPS DG Env.), Veerle Dossche (Greenpeace Belgium), Jean-Roger Drèze (FPS DG Env.), Georges Evrard (FPS DG Public Health), Lucette Flandroy (FPS DG Env. - CPB NFP), Herman Fontier (FPS DG Env.), Anne Franklin (RBINS - CBD NFP), Walter Galle (ANB), Etienne Gérard (DGARNE), Boudewijn Goddeeris (RBINS), Marie-Céline Godin (IBGE-BIM), Arnaud Goessens (Stagiaire RBINS - CBD NFP), Patrick Grootaert (RBINS - CBD NFP), Machteld Gryseels (IBGE-BIM), Catherine Hallet (DGARNE), Charlotte Herman (FPS DG Env.), Hubert Hernalsteen (LV), Kelly Hertenweg (FPS DG Env.), Ludo Holsbeek (LNE), Stefanie Hugelier (CFDD-FRDO), Ingrid Inselberger (German community, Ministerin für Kultur und Medien, Denkmalschutz, Jugend und Sport), Maud Istasse (FPS DG Env.), Arnold Jacques de Dixmude (DGDC), Luc Janssens de Bisthoven (RBINS), Francis Kerckhof (RBINS - MUMM), Michael Kyramarios (FPS DG Env.), Marc Lateur (CRA-W), Christian Laurent (DGARNE - DNF), Xavier Leblanc (FPS Foreign Affairs), Vicky Leentjes, (FPS DG Env.), Eric Liégeois (FPS DG Env.), Sandrine Liégeois (DGARNE - DNF), Michel Louette (RMCA), Els Martens (ANB), Serge Massart (DGARNE), Sybille Mazay (FPS Economy), Catherine Mertens (CFDD-FRDO), Sophie Mirgaux (FPS DG Env.), Eddy Montignies (DGRNE - DNF), Hendrik Neven (LNE), Marc Peeters (RBINS - CBD NFP), Delphine Perremans (FPS DG Env.), Véronique Petit (FPS Foreign Affairs), Georges Pichot (RBINS - MUMM), Jan Rammeloo (NBGB), Geert Raeymaekers (FPS, DG Env.), Anne-Julie Rochette (RBINS - CBD NFP), Walter Roggeman (RBINS), Yves Samyn (RBINS), Marianne Schlesser (RBINS - CBD NFP), Hendrik Segers (BBP / RBINS), Jacques Stein (DGARNE - DNF), Marie-Lucie Susini (RBINS), Jurgen Tack (INBO), Tomy Tchatchou (SPW), Marc Thirion (DGA), Vincent Van Bol (FPS DG Pesticides and Fertilizers), Mark Van den Meersschaut (ANB), Aline van der Werf (Belspo), Jackie Van Goethem (RBINS - CBD NFP), Hans van Gossum (UA), Christelle Van Wesembeeck (SPW), Sonia Vanderhoeven (SPW - BBP), Laurence Vigin (RBINS - MUMM), Jacqueline Verheyen (RBINS), Ines Verleye (FPS DG Env.), Jo Versteven (CIDD - ICDO), Michel Villers (DGARNE - DNF), Sabine Wallens (FPS DG Env.), Thierry Walot (UCL), Karel Wouters (RBINS).

Special thanks are due to the regional and federal coordinators Catherine Debruyne (DGARNE - DPEnv), Marie-Céline Godin (IBGE-BIM), Els Martens (ANB) and Sabine Wallens (FPS DG Env.), and to Anne-Julie Rochette for her contribution to the organisation of the public consultation (voluntary work) and then to the edition of the text as member of the CBD NFP team.

Formatting and Layout: Kristien Vranken (RBINS)

Picture credits: Thierry Hubin (RBINS)

Citation form: Belgian National Focal Point to the Convention on Biological Diversity (ed.), 2013. Biodiversity 2020 – Update of Belgium’s National Strategy. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, 148 pp.

This publication is available only in electronic version and can be downloaded from the website of the Belgian Clearing-House Mechanism of the Convention on Biological Diversity: The text is available in English, French, Dutch and German. A general information brochure in EN / FR / NL / DE may be ordered directly from the CBD National Focal Point <>.

ISBN: 970890732420302

Responsible editor: Roland Moreau, Chair of the Coordination Committee for International Environmental Policy (CCIEP), Directorate-General for the Environment, Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Place Victor Hortaplein 40 Boîte/Bus 10, B-1060 Brussels.

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