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Event Symposium on Climate Change and Climate Adaptation. The consequences of climate changes in the South. How do we protect our (development) projects?

By the end of 2016, the United Nations confirmed 2016 as the hottest year on record. Global climate is changing and we must deal with that in two ways. On one hand we need to reduce our carbon emissions on a global scale, and on the other hand we need to adapt to the impacts of climate change on a local scale.

It is known that there are major climate changes in the South as well, and therefore it is important that 4th pillar organisations, active in development cooperation in the South, intensify their efforts in the fight against climate change. The city of Hasselt wants to support its 4th pillar organisations by integrating climate adaptation within their projects. This creates interesting results which we want to share and discuss with other communities in Flanders and various actors in the field of development cooperation. 

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Period 23/03/2017
Event location Auditorium Louis Roppe, Oude Gevangenis Campus UHasselt, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt
Host Gemeente Hasselt
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On Thursday 23th of March the city of Hasselt and Hasselt University are organising a symposium. The symposium includes a series of presentations during which experts clarify their view based on a range of interesting examples.


Namidddagprogramma: 14.00 tot 17.00 uur (lezingen in het Engels)

  • Peter Moors, kabinetschef Cel Ontwikkelingssamenwerking: Klimaatverandering in onze partnerlanden bestrijden is armoede bestrijden in die landen.
    (Chief of Cabinet Development Cooperation: Fighting climate change in our partner countries equals fighting poverty in those countries)
  • Tom Waas & dr. Jean Hugé, oprichters KLIMOS-tool: KLIMOS: een toepassing van onderzoek voor ontwikkelingssamenwerking
    (Climate change & sustainable development cooperation - a tool for practitioners)
  • Prof. dr. Wim Thiery, VUB: Dodelijke onweersbuien in het Victoriameer: klimaatverandering en vroegtijdige waarschuwingen
    (VUB: Lethal thunderstorms at Lake Victoria: climate change and early warnings)
  • Lien Vandamme, Beleidsmedewerker Klimaat 11.11.11: De cruciale rol van klimaatfinanciering in het bestrijden van klimaatimpacten
    (Climate Policy Officer 11.11.11: Climate impacts in the South: the crucial role of climate finance)
  • dr. Bright Adiyia, Dienst Leefmilieu Stad Hasselt: De implementatie van klimaatadaptatie in de Hasseltse vierde pijlerwerking
    (Sustainability Officer Hasselt: Implementing climate adaptation in ongoing North-South 4th pillar initiative)

Avondprogramma: 19.00 tot 21.00 uur (lezingen in het Nederlands)

  • Nadja Vananroye, Burgemeester Stad Hasselt: Introductie
  • Remy Schiffeleers, Geitencoöperatief De Levende Aarde: Melk voor de armen: lokale voedselvoorzieningen op een ecologische manier
  • Luc Callaerts, Ondersteuner 4de pijlerinitiatieven 11.11.11: Werken rond klimaatverandering in het Zuiden vanuit een vierde pijler perspectief
  • dr. Bright Adiyia, Dienst Leefmilieu Stad Hasselt: Hasseltse 4de Pijlers werken aan klimaatadaptatie in het Zuiden
  • Joost Venken, Schepen Ontwikkelingssamenwerking Stad Hasselt: slotwoord

Free Entrance

Inscription needed before 21 March 2017 through this link

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