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Event Sustainable and green cities in the South

Some mega-cities in the South have more inhabitants than  Belgium, but also have large slum areas. Smaller cities are confronted with unprecedented growth and city councils are grappling with providing a suitable infrastructure.  On the other hand cities are also often cited as the policy level where a green development is taking place. How can city planners and development aid avoid pitfalls from the past and create more sustainable and greener cities? The session will give an introduction to the current thinking and is illustrated with practical examples from over the globe.

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Period 19/05/2016
Event location DGD, Room DV01, Karmelietenstraat, 15, 1000 Brussels
Host DGD, Klimos
Contact person

Seminar Programme (9.30-12h00)

1)      Prof. Han Verschure (ASRO-KULeuven): Sustainable cities in the South. This lecture  will provide an introduction to concepts of sustainable city planning with good and bad examples from North and South.

2)      Prof. Martin Hermy (FNL-KULeuven): Urban Green: more functional than often thought. This lecture  will provide an introduction to concepts of urban green on public and private grounds (space, green roofs, green facades , … ) .

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