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Event Organisms on the move: On the ecology and evolution of dispersal

4th meeting of the International Dispersal workgroup

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Period [14/09/2009 - 15/09/2009]
Event location Campus Ledeganck University of Ghent, Belgium
Host FWO (Fund of Scientific Research, Flanders, Belgium), University of Gent, University of Louvain.
Contact person Dries Bonte

Dispersal is a central process within metapopulation and metacommunity ecology. Because it has many evolutionary, population dynamical and applied consequences, the aimof the Symposium is to bring together international expertise within dispersal ecology by presenting and discussing currently ongoing research themes.

You are invited to participate in an international symposium with special focus on the ecology and evolution of dispersal that will be held at the University of Ghent in Belgium. The meeting will deal with both conceptual and applied issues, with empirical, experimental and theoretical approaches, and we will present knowledge of dispersal patterns and mechanisms in plants, animals and micro-organisms. The symposium offers a diverse and attractive series of talks including four keynote papers. It is a pleasure to host several international authorities in the field.

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