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Event Green Growth, Green Jobs: Promoting Solutions Towards Better Sustainability and Competitiveness


Jean Lambert 
Member of the European Parliament

Chris Hopkins 
Project Officer, Green Economy Coalition

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Period 29/11/2016
Event location Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Brussels
Host Public Policy Exchange
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The plan for a sustainable future is supported by the EU 2020 strategy (EC 2010), a ten-year scheme for growth and jobs. One of its key objectives is to address the need for sustainable and inclusive growth through the promotion of a competitive and greener economy in the EU.

The latest statistics provided by Eurostat show that the EGSS (Environmental Goods and Services Sector) represents approximately 2% of total EU employment. Therefore, fostering job creation in the green sector, promoting mobility and supporting industrial restructuring in close cooperation with the social partners and the businesses make green growth a potential solution to the current unemployment crisis.

The transition towards sustainable growth and development could also be made more efficient through innovative green technologies and better, more sustainable, management of resources.

This timely international symposium will offer an invaluable opportunity for delegates to discuss the future of green growth in Europe by focusing on its economic, social and financial aspects. 

Delegates will also:

  • Analyse the latest policy developments and EU initiatives regarding green growth
  • Build new synergies between innovation and growth opportunities
  • Find out more about greener economy’s initiatives
  • Develop opportunities for investments and funding to promote green entrepreneurship in Europe 
  • Consider ways to promote efficient training solutions for the green sector
  • Analyse the impact of innovative and efficient production processes   
  • Share best practices on the promotion of green jobs and professional training 
  • Examine innovative technologies for sustainable growth

In the meantime, to ensure your organisation is represented, please book online or complete and return the registration form at your earliest convenience in order to secure your delegate place(s).

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