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Event The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: implications for Belgium

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Period 27/10/2006
Event location Palais des Academies 1, Rue Ducale / Hertogstraat 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Host SCOPE National Committee and the National Committee for Biological Sciences of the Belgian Royal Academies
Contact person Pascale Balhaut
+32 2 627 45 45
+32 2 627 41 41
Geographical coverage Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
Keywords Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

The Colloquium will bring together scientists and administrators involved in ecosystem management in Belgium, decision makers, NGO’s and other interested people to discuss potential implications of the MA for Belgium. It will address major ecosystem changes in Belgium, the relevance of the MA for environmental policy and research strategies and will propose possible research and policy priorities in Belgium. The colloquium will equally address Belgian policy and research responsibility in ecosystem changes at a global scale.

A panel discussion among several stakeholders and the public will close the colloquium, and will try to answer the following main questions:

  1. What is the importance of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment approach for environmental and sustainable development policies?
  2. What research strategies can be recommended to underpin the MA approach?

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