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Event Environmental impact of offshore windfarms - WinMon.BE 2013

'Learning from the past to optimise future monitoring programmes'

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Period [26/11/2013 - 28/11/2013]
Event location Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences rue Vautier 29, Brussels
Host Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models
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Geographical coverage Belgium, The North Sea,
Keywords offshore windfarms, environmental impact assessment (EIA),

About the conference

Many nations worldwide are committed to significant reductions in CO2 emissions in the near future. Marine renewable energy represents a most promising strategy to reduce carbon footprint worldwide. Inevitably, there are some trade-offs associated with the adoption of such approaches, since the development of marine renewables installations, such as offshore wind farms, will create environmental disturbance (e.g. during construction, operation and decommission phases) to the marine environment. At this moment, many monitoring projects are investigating the environmental effects of offshore wind farms. The Belgian monitoring programme now targets the projects C-Power (since 2008) and Belwind (since 2010).

This symposium will present the findings from the first six years of environmental monitoring of Belgian offshore wind farms, aiming to provide the state-of-the-art knowledge and to draw conclusions for the future monitoring programme. Here, we particularly want to scope for an optimised future monitoring programme, both from a scientific and cost-efficiency perspective.

Conference objectives

  • Presentation of the findings of the first six years of environmental monitoring in the Belgian part of the North Sea
  • To have an open discussion with the scientific community, industry and policy makers about the future of the environmental monitoring
  • Shaping future monitoring programmes, aiming for maximum efficiency and integration


Day 1, 26 November 2013 (PM only)

  • Presentation of the Belgian monitoring program WinMon.BE, i.e. presentation of the report of 2013 that integrates the phase 1 results
  • Poster session with reception
  • Conference dinner in the exclusive setting of the gallery of the dinosaurs in the museum

Day 2, 27 November 2013 (full day)

  • A full day conference on the scientific findings of environmental monitoring of offshore wind farms with a focus on (international) findings and future prospects, cf. ‘Lessons learnt for the future’. This allows us to answer the question: ‘what is next?’ This will be further discussed at the end of the day.
  • Authors are warmly invited to submit abstracts for oral (day 2) or poster presentations. Please check the guidelines for submitting an abstract.

Day 3, 28 November 2013

  • This side event will be an informative full day boat trip to the Belgian wind farms. We will leave in the morning from Brussels and travel by bus to the coast. From there we will start a boat tour to the Belgian wind farms. On board there will informative presentations and demonstrations about the wind farms and the environmental monitoring. The number of places for this event will be limited. Participants will be accepted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The call for abstracts for contributions for oral and poster presentations is open until Friday 14 June 2013.

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