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Event EKLIPSE Conference

What is EKLIPSE?

EKLIPSE is an EU-funded project that started in February 2016. The project aims to establish a robust and flexible long-term mechanism for policy support on issues related to Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, communicating and engaging a wide set of knowledge holders in its work and ensuring tailor-made outreach of results – to knowledge requesters and to society more broadly.

The success of EKLIPSE and its resulting mechanism is in everyone’s hands: the ‘requesters’ who need to know what knowledge is out there to answer their policy or societal needs; the knowledge holders (be they scientists of other citizens) who want their knowledge to mean something; and the extensive networks working on biodiversity and ecosystem services who have the enthusiasm and knowledge to make the mechanism work in the long term.

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Period [07/12/2016 - 08/12/2016]
Event location Auditorium, Royal Belgian Institut of Natural Sciences Rue Vautier 29, 1000 Brussels (behind the European Parliament)
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What is the conference about?

We want to bring all relevant actors from Science Policy and Society at our first joint conference to start making a difference to the way in which we use knowledge for biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The aims of our 1st joint science-policy-society conference are:

  • To make you aware of EKLIPSE and how it works, how you can become engaged in this important science-policy-society venture and why;
  • To present the process and outcomes of our first request as an example;
  • To link up with key European and global initiatives and networks.

What can you expect from the conference?

A great opportunity for networking with fellow policy makers, scientists and citizens with an interest in strengthening the links between science, policy and society on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

A fun conference making use of interactive approaches to better communicate the EKLIPSE approach and engage with all present.

An opportunity to present your views on which questions should be addressed, what knowledge urgently needs to be made more available, how science, policy and society can be better linked.

Why get engaged in EKLIPSE?

As a policy maker, being engaged with EKLIPSE can help you:

  • Get the best available knowledge on questions that concern you.
  • Make better informed decisions.
  • Identify and discuss emerging issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem services with scientists and citizens.
  • Create a key yet gradual step to a new participatory way of knowledge synthesis on biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • Get an entry point in an active community of experts and knowledge holders

As a scientist, being engaged with EKLIPSE can help:

  • Give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and discuss emerging issues with policy makers and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure that the work you do will be used and valued.
  • Connect in a “Network of Knowledge”, thereby strengthening the science-policy-society interface.
  • Have a voice in the future direction of research.

As an interested citizen, being engaged with EKLIPSE can help:

  • Give you the opportunity to discuss and exchange your views on biodiversity and ecosystem services with scientists and policymakers.
  • Become engaged in science café / societal debates that look at the issues you are interested in.
  • Create links with others, including scientists and policy makers through an online science-society forum.

When and where?

The conference will start with lunch on the 7th December, and will finish with lunch on the 8th December (with cocktail on the evening of the 7th). The conference will be held in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Rue Vautier 29, 1000, Brussels.

Next steps

We would very much appreciate you attending the conference and becoming involved in EKLIPSE and the resulting mechanism. Places are limited however, please express you interest to join by registering by the 20th of October 2016 using the REGISTRATION FORM. As we would like to ensure balance representations of disciplines and sectors, we will have to make a selection and will confirm your registration last week of October.

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