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Event Discussion of the report "Combating Climate Change - a Role for UK Forests"

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Period 19/05/2010
Event location Confédération Européenne des Propriétaires Forestiers - Forestry House Rue du Luxembourg 66 in Brussels.
Host UK Forestry Commission
Contact person
0131 314 6424
0131 316 4344

12 April 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to invite you to attend an event in Brussels on 19 May 2010 about the role that forests can play in helping to tackle climate change. We have recently published in the UK an assessment of the scientific evidence about forestry and climate change, and we would like to share its findings with colleagues in Europe.

"Combating Climate Change - a Role for UK Forests" is an independent report, edited by Professor Sir David Read of the Royal Society in London, one of our foremost experts on climate change, with contributions from a wide range of experts. The report delivers an authoritative assessment of the contribution that forests, wood-fuel and wood products can make to mitigation and adaptation in the UK.

The process taken for compiling the report and the type of evidence that it provides are highly relevant to climate change work taking place across different Member States and to current developments on forests and climate change in the European Union. I hope that discussion of the Report and its findings will be a valuable opportunity to share experience of how forests can contribute to both mitigation and adaptation objectives.

The event will take place on the afternoon of 19 May at the offices of the Conféderation Européenne des Propriétaires Forestiers at Forestry House, Rue du Luxembourg 66 in Brussels. Sir David Read will present his findings, followed by responses from senior representatives of the European Commission and the Parliament, and questions to an expert panel of scientists involved in writing the report. A full agenda will be sent out shortly.

I do hope that you are able to attend this important event.

I would be grateful for responses by 23 April 2010 to so that we can complete the practical arrangements.

Yours sincerely


Tim Rollinson FICFor

Director General

Silvan House

231 Corstorphine Road


EH12 7AT

Tel: 0131 314 6424

Fax: 0131 316 4344


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