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Event Conference: "From exploration to exploitation: scientific opportunities and imperatives in the deep sea"

by Cindy Van Dover, prof. at the Duke University Marine Laboratory (USA) on the occasion of her being conferred the title of Doctor honoris causa from the UCL.

On 7 February 2017, from 12h55 to 14h.

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Period 07/02/2017
Event location Université Catholique du Louvain Auditoire A10 (ex Science 10), Place des Sciences
Host Université Catholique du Louvain
Event URL

Abstract: We may think of the depths of the ocean as unseen, unfathomable, but there have been breakthroughs in technology that allow scientists access to the deep sea and that bring the deep sea directly to the public through live video feeds and data links.  We can now map the seafloor to resolve features the size of a football and smaller using sound waves, while at the same time, sensors report to us the chemical nature of the surrounding environment.  We will look at examples of robots and other assets that we use to explore the seafloor and at some of the discoveries that arise from our expanding capabilities.  We will look at some of the blank places on the map and wonder what might be located there.  And finally, we will explore the growing interest in mining the seabed and the potential for a Blue Economy in the deep ocean.

The event is free and open to all but you must register here.

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