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Event 2nd Luki Symposium

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Period [11/12/2008 - 12/12/2008]
Event location Royal Museum for Central Africa Leuvense steenweg 13, B-3080 Tervuren
Host Royal Museum for Central Africa
Contact person Hans Beeckman
+ 32 (0) 2 769 56 11
+ 32 (0) 2 769 52 42

9:00: Registration and ordering of sandwiches for lunch

9:30: Shango Mutambwe: «La conservation de la nature Congolaise et l’importance de la réserve forestière de Luki»

9:50 : Laurent Nsenga: «La pertinence de la recherche scientifique pour la gestion de la réserve forestière de Luki»

10:10 : Noel Kabuyaya & Theodore Trefon: “Environmental Governance in Luki”

10:30 : Coffee break

10:50 : Koen Bostoen & Joseph Koni: «Noms et usages des plantes utiles dans les communautés bantouphones: observations du Mayombe et du Bandundu»

11:10: Ralf Jürgen Becker: “The Mayombe phytodiversity and potential for floristic research in Luki and Tchela”

11:30: Armel Ibala Zamba: «Les poissons du bassin de la Luki»

11:50: Camille Couralet: “58 years of change in the tropical rainforest of Luki: long-term dynamics and influence of disturbances"

12:10: lunch break

13:30: Harold Hugues: “Preliminary results of a geochemical study targeting the silica cycle in a small tropical watershed, Luki reserve, DR Congo” 13:50: Florias Mees: “Preliminary results of soil and weathering studies in the Luki reserve, DR Congo”

14:10: Maaike De Ridder: “Limba (Terminalia superba Engl. et Diels) plantations for carbon sequestration: potentials and facts"

14:30: Ilse Boeren: “Dendrochronology in Luki. Methods and first results”

14:50: Wannes Hubau: “Morphology and biomass repartition in plantation grown limba trees Terminalia superba Engl. et Diels”

15:10: Marieke Van Goidsenhoven: “Sylvicultural experiments in Luki: the case of tola (Prioria balsamifera (Vermoesen) Breteler)”

15:30: Domir De Bakker: “Canopy spider diversity in the Biosphere Nature Reserve of Luki (Bas-Congo, Mayombe, DR Congo)”.

15:50: Jurate De Prins: “The diversity of moths in Luki”

December 12th 2008 Luki business meeting:

10:00 – 12:30

- Samy Mankoto, UNESCO : «UNESCO et les forêts Congolaises»

- Brigitte De Cadt, Belgian Science Policy: «La politique scientifique Belge et les forêts Congolaises.»

- Eddy Nierynck, Belgian Development Cooperation: «La coopération internationale Belge à la conservation et la gestion des forêts en RDC.»

- Round table discussion on (1) international visibility of past and ongoing activities of the Luki consortium, (2) opportunities for collaboration and (3) strategies.

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