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Event 19th Benelux Congress of Zoology

The congress will take place in Brussels, on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October 2012. The general theme of the meeting will be «Integrative biology: from ecology to molecules».

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Period [19/10/2012 - 20/10/2012]
Event location Université Libre de Bruxelles Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 50, Bruxelles, Belgium
Host Royal Belgian Zoological Society, Royal Dutch Zoological Society
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Geographical coverage Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg,
Keywords zoology, integrative biology, ecology, molecular biology

The boundaries between classical biological disciplines such as systematics, development, behavior, ecology, evolutionary biology, cellular biology, genetics and molecular biology are increasingly crossed through the development of trans-disciplinary research projects. This leads to the integration of all levels of biological organization, from the entire biosphere to molecules, which improves our ability to decipher biological complexity. Recent technological breakthroughs in DNA sequencing considerably facilitates our exploration of genomes, which has implications for virtually all areas of biology and contributes to the effort of integrating different biological disciplines. While it has first impacted mostly human genetics and molecular biology, new generation sequencing techniques are gradually reaching most other areas of biology and will probably considerably modify our way of studying natural systems in the future.

While keynote speakers will give presentations related to the general topic of the congress, oral presentations and posters from researchers at all stages of their scientific career (master students, PhD students, post-docs or confirmed scientists) and from all fields of zoological research will be accpeted. 

Practical informations about the congress will be regularly added to the website, as they become available.

Registration is scheduled to open around June. 

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