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Folder National trainings

Under the Belgian partnership the national focal point of a partner country will first get a training in Belgium on how to organise  a National CHM and a website. During the course it is explained to the participants that partners should be sought to help develop and fill the site. 

On the demand of partner countries the Belgian CHM can help in the organisation of a national training course. The partner country needs to organise the course, the Be-CHM can finance a part of the organisational costs and will send a trainer to give the training. If possible the Be-CM will consider with the partner country to invite other countries, on funding provided by Belgium, to participate in such a national training.


HTML Document National CHM training for Liberia (2010)
HTML Document National CHM training for Niger (2009)
HTML Document CHM training for Romania (2009)
HTML Document National CHM training in Burundi (2009)
HTML Document Follow-up national training Côte d'Ivoire (2009)
HTML Document National Training in Burundi, July 2006
HTML Document National CHM Training for the Union of the Comores, 2005

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