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HTML Document How to join the partnership with the Belgian CHM

Release date 01/03/2006
Geographical coverage Africa
Keywords CHM, partnership, partnering, CHM network


It is possible for CHM Focal Points in developing countries, and in special cases for regional organisations or for national NGO's, to join the partnership for the Clearing-House Mechanism.

As a first step, a written request from the CBD National Focal Point for the CBD of the requesting country should addressed to the Belgian CBD/CHM National Focal Point.

The Belgian CHM will examine the request, and pending the type of activity to be developed, the partnership can be started fairly quickly afterwards.

From 2006, the Belgian CHM has opted to concentrate on existing partnerships with current partner countries and regional organisations. This is carried out through advanced training, national courses, regional workshops and public awareness activities.

New CHM partnerships will only be possible with countries that are on the list of priority countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation, who funds the Partnering role.

For more information, please browse to our flyer in PDF format.

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