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Folder Strategic objective 4. To improve the mainstreaming of biodiversity and ecosystem services in policy sectors

As a research institution, the RBINS possesses a long-running expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem management. As a museum, its educational activities are key instruments for the spreading of scientific knowledge. And through its mandate as Belgian National Focal Point to the CBD and its involvement with other international agreements such as the Convention on Migratory Species and CITES, it has acquired experience at the policy level. Over the years, this unique position has generated a valuable expertise at the interfaces of science, policy and education.

RBINS puts this expertise at the service of the Belgian Development Cooperation and of other interested parties in Belgium, in order to enhance the dialogue and develop strong partnerships between scientists, decision-makers and society.

At the national level, the DGD-programme staff actively participates to the following fora:

  • Steering Committee 'Nature’,
  • Steering Committee 'CBD’,
  • BELSPO, RBINS and MRAC seminars,
  • Belgian Biodiversity Platform conferences and seminars,
  • DGD and SPF Environment seminars.

At the international level, the DGD-programme staff actively participates in:

  • European WPIEI,
  • CBD meetings such as WGRI, SBSTTA and COP,
  • EU DEVCO and various European working groups,
  • Various expert groups (e.g. OESO-DAC ENVIRONET, SDSN, CBD-Chennai recommendations).

The expected results are:

4.1 Expertise of Belgian Development Cooperation is built,
4.2 Biodiversity and ecosystem services are mainstreamed in activities supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation.