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Folder Strategic objective 2. To enhance the information base and governance processes

The RBINS has been an active player in information exchange and networking for biodiversity since the early beginnings of the CBD. We started our CHM website in 1996, it was one of the firsts! Over the years, we gained expertise on how to improve access to information through web‐based technologies. Even though our focus was mainly on the technical development of websites, we also worked on issues of content: what type of information should reach different audiences and under what format? Finally, we developed initiatives that encouraged using scientific and technical information to raise awareness on the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

In the coming years, we will continue playing our leadership role in the establishment of biodiversity information networks under the CBD. We will focus on two aspects:

  • Providing training and support for the use of web‐based technologies as a mean to disseminate information (technical aspects);
  • Building capacities on how to improve the content, relevance and timing of the provided information (strategic aspects).

The expected results are the following:

2.1. Expertise in information management is built,
2.2. Information flows are improved,
2.3. Information is used to advise governance processes.