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Folder Strategic objective 1. To strengthen the scientific and technical knowledge base on biodiversity

The RBINS possesses an internationally recognized scientific and technical expertise in the study of biodiversity and ecosystems. The RBINS has also developed valuable know‐how on how to translate research results into valuable advice for policy and decision‐makers.
Strong points of the RBINS expertise that are the most relevant for this objective can be grouped into three main categories:

  • The identification, monitoring and assessment of components of biodiversity (from taxonomic identification to ecological studies),
  • The study and modeling of ecosystem functioning,
  • The scientific foundations of conservation biology. These field of expertise cover all types of ecosystems, whether terrestrial, freshwater or marine.

The expected results are the following:

1.1. Scientific and technical expertise is built,
1.2. Quality scientific knowledge is produced,
1.3. Monitoring data is fed into national indicator processes,
1.4. Scientific outputs are made accessible to users.