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Folder Clearing-House Mechanism

The RBINS, through the CEBioS team, has been an active player in information exchange and networking for biodiversity since the early beginnings of the CBD. It started in 1996 by the setting up of one of the first websites of the Convention’s information exchange mechanism (CHM).

The Convention on Biological Diversity has established the Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) to ensure that all governments have access to the information and technologies they need for their work on biodiversity. The objective of the CHM is to strengthen the cooperation and networking between stakeholders of various fields of biodiversity – governments, NGOs, consultants, academic institutions, environmental professionals and others. In order to achieve this, the CHM helps to improve the exchange of information as well as of scientific and technical expertise.

The establishment of national websites on biodiversity is one of the main pillars of the CHM approach. Many other non-web activies are also carried out.

Belgium is involved at many levels in CHM cooperation:

  • at international level, through its participation in the global CHM network,
  • at European level, through its involvement in the European Community CHM and its cooperation with other European countries,
  • in the 'Partnering role for the CHM'.

The 'Partnering role for the CHM' assists countries to improve their access to information and their acquisition of knowledge. It also furnishes means to relay these efficiently at national level. The activities of the 'partnering role' focus primarily on the use of web-based technologies, but non Internet-based activities are also carried out. Most countries with which Belgium cooperates in this programme are located in Africa.

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