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Folder D. R. Congo

The cooperation with D.R. Congo is multi-facetted. We work at an institutional level with ICCN, ERAIFT and UNIKIS-CSB. Moreover, we work on the thematic of habitat monitoring with UNIKIN, UCB and UNILU, more specifically on ecosystem services provided by plants.

The CEBioS programme is involved in institutional strengthening of the 'Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN)'. This cooperation involves various other partners such as ERAIFT, ISDR-GL, UOB, UNIGOM, UNIKIN, UNIKIS, UNILU.

D.R. Congo - ICCN:
Expected outcome: ICCN is able to better monitor the dynamics of habitats in its protected areas, both at the implementation level (rangers using tools), as at the management level (reporting, analysing trends and deciding on specific interventions). ICCN has a better knowledge of the value of the ecosystem services and can use this information to promote green economy such as eco-tourism.


The CEBioS programme is also involved in the institutional strengthening of the Université de Kisangani (UNIKIS) and the Centre de Surveillance de la Biodiversité (CSB).

Expected outcome: UNIKIS and CSB are more able to investigate the biodiversity in the tropical rain forest linked to poverty reduction, both at the implementation level (research), as at the management level (reporting, analysing trends and deciding on specific interventions) and are part of the global scientific community with more scientific output and exta-muros funding. CSB and UNIKIS are more able to carry out research in promising fields which can help support the local green economy, such as collection of mushrooms, fisheries, insect consumption etc.

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