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News Training on Education for Sustainable Development Cooperation by

On Tuesday 11 October, 18 members of the network participated in a training session dedicated to “Education for Sustainable Development”.

Release date 24/10/2016
Contributor mlsusini
Geographical coverage Belgium,
Keywords education for sustainable development, education, environment, development cooperation,

The training was organized by the Education & Environment project group of in collaboration with KLIMOS, the inter-university research platform on integrating environmental sustainability in development cooperation.

The morning sessions set the stage on sustainability, environment and human development. Then participants looked into the essential step of integrating sustainability into decision-making in order to move forward. Sustainability assessment was explained and the KLIMOS toolkit - a practical existing tool - was presented. Its main objective is to integrate environmental and sustainability issues in the Belgian development cooperation. Finally, Ms Fatinha Maria Fatima da Silva, coordinator of PAMEN-CHEIFA in Brazil (a partner organization of member KIYO) gave a testimony on how they implement ESD in their work with children and women in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

The afternoon was dedicated to theoretical and practical perspectives on ESD. The first presentation introduced the EDOEL project (Educatie Duurzame Ontwikkeling) at the Artevelde Hogeschool, in Flanders, Belgium. The second presentation focused on the effectiveness of ESD and especially on what kids learn from ESD, using the results of two ongoing projects: Wereldmeerdaagse in Brasschaat, Flanders and ESD implementation in Sweden.


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