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News Training for functionaries of the Belgian Development Cooperation (by CEBioS-KLIMOS, 16 & 17 November 2015)

A two days - training was jointly organized by KLIMOS and CEBioS on 16 and 17 November for functionaries of the Belgian Development Cooperation. The main objectives of the training were to provide:

  • Theoretical knowledge on biodiversity, ecosystem services and their link with development
  • Overview of possible reward mechanisms (monetary, institutional, in-kind, ...) that are being used to reward biodiversity as an environmental service
  • Practical application for their integration in development cooperation projects
Release date 20/11/2015
Contributor Anne-Julie Rochette


MORNING (09h30-12h30)
1. Introduction to the training
2. Introduction to biodiversity and mainstreaming
3. What are ecosystem services?
4. Who are service providers and clients?
5. Importance of baseline data (that are often lacking!)

AFTERNOON (13h30-16h30)
6. Overview of reward mechanisms and how to aim at real, fair and working reward
7. Biodiversity for development : exercise

MORNING (09h30-12h30)
8. Introduction to the CBD, the CHM, Nagoya, Debriefing COP Korea
9. How do bilateral cooperation agencies integrate environment and biodiversity?
10. Potential impacts of projects on biodiversity and ecosystem services. What are mitigation options?
11. How can NGO’s and NGA’s manage their impacts on biodiversity? Challenges and solutions? Jean-Paul Ledant

AFTERNOON (14h-16h30)
12. Answer to the questions submitted by e-mail
13. Some more concrete case-studies on the assessment of the integration of biodiversity and SES in projects
14. Group exercise

Please note that this information has expired.