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News Stories of change: mainstreaming biodiversity and development. New publication available

Publication by IIED, UNEP-WCMC

Getting biodiversity concerns into the policies and plans of government ministries and private sector companies is a goal that can take many years to achieve. Huge amounts of energy and determination are needed to bring the right people together. These stories highlight where this has been done and a change is starting to be seen in Namibia, Uganda, Seychelles and Botswana. The stories cover working with mining companies, working with the media, working to draft legislation for tacking biopiracy, mainstreaming biodiversity in an urban context and the importance of building relationships with the right people.

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Source IIED
Release date 13/11/2015
Contributor hdekoeijer

Do you have a story of change around mainstreaming biodiversity that you would like to share?

IIED and WCMC are keen to hear your own experiences of mainstreaming biodiversity. Please let us know by getting in touch with Dilys Roe ( or John Tayleur (

 This publication was produced as part of the Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Development project,  facilitated by IIED and UNEP-WCMC. This first phase of the project focused on supporting four countries - Namibia, Uganda, Seychelles and Botswana - to revise their national biodiversity and strategy action plans (NBSAPs), incorporating development concerns into the plan in order to support poverty reduction and social inclusion. The second phase of the project, funded by the Darwin Initiative and BMZ  is now underway and aims to support the original countries plus Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia to use their revised NBSAPs as a vehicle for integrating biodiversity into development policy and planning.

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