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News Review of Abc Taxa Volume 16 in the African Journal of Aquatic Science

Source CEBioS
Release date 13/09/2019
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Keywords review, Abc Taxa

A review of the 16th volume of Abc Taxa ("Diatoms from the Congo and Zambezi Basins") has been issued in: S Roy & B Karthick (2019): Diatoms from the Congo and Zambezi Basins. – Methodologies and identification of the genera, African Journal of Aquatic Science, DOI: 10.2989/16085914.2019.1628702.  


Quote by Roy & Karthick (2019):

This might be the first time somebody has attempted to create a unique guidebook on diatom genera found in central African water bodies. Without a doubt, this guidebook is an important contribution to diatom identification. It will be a standard guidebook on common diatom genera for taxonomists, hydrobiologists, ecologists and students, as well as useful for all libraries in scientific institutes and universities. This book will be a one-stop place for anybody who want to begin research on freshwater diatoms in any part of the world. Furthermore, as it is freely available it will be a standard text for students across the globe, in particular students from developing nations.