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News PEGASuS funding opportunity - Future Earth

Future Earth has launched a new series of funding opportunities for interdisciplinary sustainability research - the Program for Early Stage Grants Advancing Sustainability Research, or "PEGASuS”. This program is the first in a series of grants addressing the key challenges of Future Earth and the Future Earth Vision for “people to thrive in a sustainable and equitable world”.

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Source Future Earth
Release date 09/05/2017
Contributor mlsusini
Keywords funding, research, biodiversity valuation, indicators, ecosystem functions,

The first open call for research proposal focuses on the following thematic areas:

(1) biodiversity valuation, ecosystem functions, ecosystem services, requisite socio-economic transformations, and the sustainable consumption and production of natural resources;

(2) biodiversity indicators, scenario planning and prediction, risk analysis, identification of tipping points and/or feedbacks between socio-economic, biodiversity, and ecosystem dynamics.

See website for requests for proposals here:

Applications will have to be submitted to through the Open Network of Future Earth.

Four to eight grants will be awarded this year to a total amount of approximately $600,000. Proposals are due June 5th, 2017 and are welcome from any institution from any country.

Click here for the full Request for Proposals including application instructions.

Please contact Laurel Milliken ( if you have any problems accessing the Open Network.

Please note that this information has expired.