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News Four new videos about biodiversity and development cooperation are now available

Source CEBioS
Release date 31/08/2018
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Keywords videos, biodiversity, development, colloquium

As you may know, on May 28th 2018, CEBioS held a colloquium titled “Biodiversity for development, a way forward to the SDGs”. We took this opportunity to film some interviews with partners and Belgian actors of development cooperation. From this experience, four videos emerged on the subject of biodiversity and development cooperation. They are now available on our YouTube channel and below (with English and French subtitles).  

If you go to our channel, do not hesitate to comment on what you liked or disliked, it is always interesting to read your opinions!

We would also like to thank all the interviewees for their participation.


Reminder: a video recap of the colloquium is also available.