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News Release of a methodological sheet on the integration of environmental and climate issues into education and training programmes

The document has been prepared by the 'Education and Environment' working group of

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Release date 13/12/2019
Contributor mlsusini
Keywords environment, climate, education

The methodological sheet used as a basis Louvain Coopération’s Environmental Integration Tool (EIT), designed to structure the thinking on environmental problems linked to productive programmes. The EIT was thus adapted by working group on 'Education and Environment' for use in an educational setting. 

The result of the exercise is this methodological sheet, which aims to offer development actors in the education sector a framework for incorporating environmental and climate issues into their interventions, so as to limit the potentially damaging impact of their interventions on the environment – and vice versa. As the education development actors are very diverse in nature, this framework was designed to be rather general so that it can be adapted to specific contexts.


The methodological sheet is structured around specific and concrete questions which can be used to help with the identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation of the intervention, but will be particularly useful during the identification and formulation phases of education and training interventions.

The document is available in English and in French.

CEBioS is a member of since 2016 and actively contributes in its 'Education and Environment' working group.

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